When did you first hear about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies?

I first read about Bitcoin in 2012 on a forum related to online marketing but I wasn’t really struck by it because it was too hard for me to understand it.

honestly it took me few years to understand the basics of it and having said that I still don’t understand low-level details of the protocol :zipper_mouth_face: but I try to keep myself updated with the development by going through the mailing list which was created by satoshi and now is being hosed by Linux foundation and Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

The first video explanation I saw on bitcoin was by weusecoins and is still available on youtube here, kudos to them for making such awesome video and guess what by the time this video was posted the price of Bitcoin was less than 2 dollars or ~90 INR ( 1 USD was 45INR in march 2011 ).

Anyway, I enjoy hearing others bitcoin/cryptocurrency stories, smash the reply button below if u wanna tell yours



I feel I was late to know about Bitcoin because I was always interested in code, breaking things, learning new things, etc. in college but never heard of Bitcoin from anyone :neutral_face:

Few people who worked with me in a tech support profile where we had to resolve cases created by administrators of different organizations in North America who use Microsoft Exchange Servers or Office 365, told me about Bitcoin or asked me few questions which I had no clue about. I felt dumb and also in a party with few gamers some people laughed at me that I don’t know about bitcoin and darknet being a information security enthusiast.

I started using TOR and researched a lot in next few years, also tried buying BTC with small amounts. Got few for different work on darknet. Mining BTC was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, literally printing money with a machine lol in simple language.

I started trying different mining apps and codes on different devices, you won’t believe I tried mining Satoshi on a Windows phone and shared such stupidity with friends at that time. It was 2016 iirc. Anyways, I researched more and learnt new things everyday.

There was a time when I was not working anywhere and still managed to make enough money from darknet in btc that I could party every week. I started loving it and kept sharing my experience with new people. Even gave some of them BTC to start their journey and felt special to be a part of their first Bitcoin transaction.

So I started researching about Bitcoin in 2016 and still doing it everyday. A lot has happened in between and things have changed a lot.