Review of Delta Exchange

  1. Delta Exchange is an altcoins-focused cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. No KYC, just need an email address to sign up. It currently offers trading in futures and perpetual contracts on bitcoin and 13 leading altcoins, including BNB and LEO.

  1. Several of the altcoin contracts listed on Delta are exclusive to the exchange. So, when it comes to going long/ short coins like ATOM, Tezos, RVN and BAT, Delta Exchange is the only destination for traders.


  1. All the futures and perpetual contracts on Delta Exchange are margined and settled in one of the two digital assets: bitcoin or USDC. The important thing to takeaway from this is that you don’t need to buy altcoins to trade their derivatives on Delta Exchange.


For trading in contracts that are margined in usdc you need usdc, since you cannot deposit/withdraw usdc as of yet. You have to deposit btc and convert to usdc. The conversion rate is referred from binance.

  1. Currently, the most prominent derivatives exchange offer settlement in Bitcoin and few other altcoins like ETH and XRP. Settlement in stablecoin is a very useful feature for traders, especially in a bear market. Delta Exchange was the first exchange globally to offer stablecoin-settled futures.

  2. Delta’s unique fee payback program effectively cuts trading fees in half and rewards loyal traders.

  3. Delta offers all the key order types to meet the needs to traders. The advanced order types available on Delta include stop orders (stop market, stop limit and trailing stoploss) and bracket orders (i.e. one cancels the other).

  4. You can manage different positions on isloated margin with different leverage based on contract specifications and also use “auto top up margin” option which adds margin to position from available balance in case it goes near liquidation.

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There is always a scope for improvement and more features. Delta team has always considered my suggestions positively and same is true for all the users who trade on Delta

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Disclosure: I am a part of Delta Exchange team as a community manager. Co-founders and everyone in the Delta Exchange team are amazing people and I believe it will do great in next few months.

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