Payment Forwarding Service using blockonomics

TLDR: Some individuals or businesses might want to forward the BTC payments to cashout based on different things. If you are using open source payment processor for accepting BTC like blockonomics or btcpay, you can use this forwarding service to cashout on some exchange regularly or consolidate payments in some cold storage or deposit to an address for doing coinjoin when the forwarding is triggered.

You can follow the below steps to setup forwarding:

  1. Visit the URL:

  2. Sign in/ Sign up and if you don’t want to waste time doing it, sign in as guest user

  1. Enter the bitcoin address where the payments should be forwarded and the amount at which forwarding should get triggered to avoid forwarding each small payment + tx fee

  1. You will get the xpub which can be used to receive BTC using blockonomics or btcpay


Blockonomics is an open source and permissionless Bitcoin payment solution and can be used for lot of other things apart from the forwarding service explained above.

Check website for more details: