Hello, Gabru is here!

Hello folks :wave:

Just FYI, Gabru isn’t my real name but what I go with and everyone knows me by. It’s a reference to a character from a bollywood movie. I won’t be comfortable sharing my real name and whereabouts during such tense times.

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Hello Gabru

Thanks for creating a separate forum to discuss about Indian crypto goings. Myself Heisenberg (as you have said I was inspired by the TV Show “Breaking Bad” and have been using this pseudonym since 2011). :sunglasses:

I am a native JAVA Developer who is very much interested in cryptography and blockchain technology. Right from 2018 I have been trying to learn more about the technology and would like to contribute to the bitcoin community in future.

Initially I first came to know about cryptocurrencies in late 2016 when a friend of mine invested in Ripple (XRP). But later on, I didn’t have enough interest in trading currencies and moved onto learning more about the tech. I would like to help our fellow members in learning the tech.


Hello Indiabits

My friends call me Vicky and internet friends call me vkeyxyz.

I am just an average tech enthusiast, Accidentally stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2013 bought the Tippy-Top & Sold the Bottom
(still haven’t learned from that mistake :stuck_out_tongue: )

Early bird gets a :bug: late bird gets a :pizza:

Let’s ride this wave together.

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Good to see you here @Heisenberg, i have been following you on bitcointalk, good work there.

I am mostly a trader but interested in learning in tech as well, hoping to learn together :slight_smile:

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Welcome @vkeyxyz , for those who don’t know he is one of indiabits community old member & helping moderating the channel. we call him ‘Serial GIFer’ because he digs memes.

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Good going guys. Keep it up.:love_you_gesture: