Hello everyone ! NB* here

Hi everyone,

People know me as either NB* or takeiteasypolicy which is my another nick on Indiabits.

I’m following crypto scene from a long time and Indiabits is the first indian community I’ve joined and I really appreciate IB’s efforts towards crypto in india.

I would like to say thanks to Gabru and the whole Indiabits team for providing such a nice community where everyone can learn bits and pieces of cryptocurrencies, crypto markets and invest safely.

I learned a lot regarding crypto laws, privacy and the whole ecosystem around decentralized cashless economy in IB’s Telegram group and hope to learn more here.

Ps: I would like to encourage everyone on using @indiabitstipbot on Indiabits Telegram group and tip anyone who you think is helpful and keep learning/helping others in indiabits.
(I managed to earn a handsome amount of tips by participating into discussions and by helping others. I’ve withdrawn the tips I accumulated over the past few months, recently to support a project i’m working on and received it instantly.


Indiabits rocks !
To the moon…:rocket::rocket::rocket: